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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Dream Dress: ASOS Forest Print

Asos Premium Midi Pencil Dress in Forest Print, £100
I have been staring at this dress for weeks now. It is PERFECT. I have a not-too-typical black tie party in December, and this would be perfect. Not too stuffy, the right sort of silly, but most importantly, the sort of dress that would make you feel amazing. And a bit like a Bat For Lashes song come to life.

Now, you know how I feel about body con dresses and their surprising wearability. As long as you suck your stomach in (or wear Spanx), you can be pretty much any shape and look amazing in it. But you really do have to suck it in or you look like a tragedy sack.

The other tragedy about this dress is that it's £100. Deep wail. However, I have my eye on a number of dresses on Asos, and Monsoon, for when the sales come round. And that, my dear, is the time to pounce on this scrummy, unearthly gorgeous frock.



  1. You absolutely must buy it. With your hair, it'll make you look like some sort of leggy, fabulous tree nymph.

  2. YES. Kat, this needs to happen. You will look like an anti-tragedy sack. A celebration goddess.

  3. What an amazing dress! Thanks for sharing. :)


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