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Thursday 15 November 2012

Dream Dress: Gorgeous Greys

I'm not very good at muted colours and neutrals when it comes to getting dressed. In my home, I'm a huge fan of neutral shades with bright splashes of colour about a room (trust me, if you rent this is your best option). But when it comes to dresses? Usually I'm of the belief that the more colour the better.

And yet, I'm coveting roughly two hundred thousand Little Grey Dresses in Oasis at the moment. I'm especially making pathetic, wimpering wanty noises at that grey military dress, even thought I know that fabric puts it firmly in the Bitch To Iron category.

Oooh, I like this lace/frilly/ruffly dress. I think I like dresses that I can't quite describe. It's £48.

A DRESS WITH SLEEVES! Yes! You're going to be seeing a lot of these over the coming weeks, my arms are cold. It's £48 and positively festive.

I've no idea why Oasis thought this lazy eye photo was the best option they had (poor girl, she looks like she just woke up), but the bouclĂ© dress is nice. It's £70.

This flippy skater dress will absolutely be the most flattering thing. Hello teeny tiny waist for £65. All I need now is a jewel-coloured coat, some thick bright tights and some colourful shoes and my grey dress obsession will be complete.

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  1. A huge YES please to more on dresses with arms. I am fed up of having to wear a long sleeve top under my dresses (usually ruining the line and creating VTL (visible top line)
    These are very lovely, though I'm not 100% convinced by the military number.


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