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Monday 19 November 2012

Urban Outfitters Gold Bird Teapots

I'm not normally one for gold. My natural preference will always be for silver but in this instance, but frankly, the little golden bird perched atop this teapot is fantastic. It's a little bit ridiculous but very fabulous. I also like the shape of the teapot itself which is very important.

He needs a friend though doesn't he? Luckily he has one perching on a teacup and saucer.

It's the proportions that make these pieces work. The birds are there but not too in your face and add a bit of glitz to your daily tea drinking. It also helps that they'd look good if you wanted to display them in between uses.

Small teapot no good to you? It's ok, there's a large one too.

Prices start at £10 for the teacup and saucer, £15 for the small teapot and £25 for the large one. They're going on my Santa list - he'll need to go to Urban Outfitters to get them though!

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