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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Etsy Pick: An ode to the typewriter

You may have heard that the last ever typewriter in the UK has been produced. Electronics company have made one more, and donated it to the London Science Museum. There's no denying that with us relying more and more on computers, smart phones and tablets, the typewriter has been pushed backstage (although I'm still fond of the USB typewriter). But here's the thing: while they're actually quite hard to type on and you can't check your emails on them, they're iconic, and I'm going to miss the noisy little buggers. So as an ode to the typewriter, here are some gorgeous pieces from Etsy's UK sellers.

We might not be making typewriters any more, but that doesn't mean you can't buy them. This little mini typewriter is available from Yellow Vintage Shop for £100.

A cunning use for old typewriter keys. You think I want my initials, but I'm considering buying four that spell STFU like the massive grown up that I am. They're a fiver each from Blueberry Hill Studios.

I'm also quite a fan of writing by hand, so these little typewriter notecards are perfect. They're £5.95 for 8 from Little Red Press London.

We interrupt this article to bring you the finest use of a typewriter in television:

Bless Angela Lansbury, for being the best busy body ever. And she had quite the impressive extended family.

I love that this typewriter bracelet comes with cute little specs. It's £45 from True Vintage Jewellery.

How cute is this typewriter tote bag? Super cute. And only £7 from The Bold Banana.

Saving my favourite piece until last, I really love the typewriter detail on this card. It's £2.50 from Type Scale.

Top typewriter photo from Rahego's photostream on Flickr. Typewriter key ring image by Claire Collinson.


  1. They're the new polaroids - when companies stopped making polaroids, there was a bit of a fuss wasn't there, and they've started bringing them back, something like that anyway. I really want a typewriter, as I love to write letters but I hate writing with my actual hand, too lazy! And printed letters don't have quite the same feel to them...

  2. Thank you for featuring my card. I have to admit to a love of manual typewriters - I have six.


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