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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Prettify Any Shirt With Collar Clips

Coco Chanel advised us to look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove one accessory. I say: whatever, Coco. My goat ring won't wear itself and my sausage dog necklace will get lonely in the drawer. I prefer to add one extra accessory and go out loaded up like a freshly decorated Christmas tree.

So imagine my joy when I found out about a whole new piece of jewellery: collar clips. Collar clips will grace the collar of any shirt or blouse, casually prettifying it and taking it from "boring workwear" to "well, that is ADORABLE". Mr collar clips revelation was like when I discovered hair glitter. A whole new surface to apply glitter to! Similarly, collar clips give you something else to affix trinkets to. And the only thing twee-er than a buttoned-up blouse with a Peter Pan collar is that same blouse decorated with butterflies.

Ladybird Likes on Etsy is the queen of collar clips. Picture the most staid blouse in your wardrobe. Now picture it with some of these attached to it. They're all a very reasonable £8-£9.

Turquoise butterflies!

A pair of bewildered black cats!

The moon! The actual moon!

Onwards, my friends, to Jewellery by Jaymie.

I have a particular fondness for the hedgehogs. She also does unicorns, although I suspect attaching them to the Peter Pan collar child's dress that I bought at a jumble sale would cause some sort of twee schism in the universe.

Close-up on her hand-drawn foxes. They're £15, plus £1 for a chain. (You've got to have a chain, haven't you?)

Finally, to ASOS, and a look at what these clips actually look like on:

Look at her! She's all business at the top, party in the middle. She's wearing swallow clips for a mere £5. Click through for a proper look, there's some nice textured detail on them. As a nod to Coco, I'd recommend either collar clips or a necklace (but add some chandelier earrings to make up for it).



  2. I can't TOTALLY imagine you being all 'Whatevs, Coco.'

    1. She would just have to deal with my sarf Laahdon stylings, innit.

  3. I don't wear anything with collars but I reckon they'd totally work as cardigan clips.

    1. Oh YES. Or really, really massive earrings.


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