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Thursday 29 November 2012

Scottish Heroes and Villans

Burke & Hare Tea Towel - £9.50
The eve of St Andrew's Day is the perfect time to tell you about some of my favourite Scots. We're a funny bunch, the Scots, fiercely proud of our own and delighted to tell everyone about it. The funny bit is, we're even quite proud of our scoundrels. Burke and Hare are perfect examples of this; they used to rob graves and sell the bodies to the university for trainee doctors to practise on. After a while, they started to by-pass the stealing bodies bit and just murdered unsuspecting people and selling those bodies instead! They were only found out when a student recognised his own fiancee on the slab. Villains, they may be, but we have a wee place in our hearts for the ingenuity of these two men.
Alexander Graham Bell Greetings Card - £2.50

Scotland has produced more than her fair share of inventors, from tarmacadam to wellie boots and steam to penicillin, we discovered it! Alexander Graham Bell is, arguably, responsible for the invention of the telephone and without him, we couldn't sneakily read Domestic Sluttery under the desk, check Facebook whilst waiting for a train, or vote for our favourite celebrity on Strictly or IACGMOOH.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Mug - £11.50
Charles Rennie Mackintosh, designer and architect, was a bit of a genius. A visit to The Hill House or House for an Art Lover will leave your breath taken and your dumb well and truly struck. Almost every middle-class home in Glasgow has some kind of nod to the great man in its decor, and for good reason.

So, whether you love my choices, or you're shouting "where are Rabbie Burns and Mary Queen of Scots?!" you should head over to Gillian Kyle's Local Heroes (& Villains) range and seek out your favourite.

Here's tae us. Wha's like us?


  1. In Nova Scotia (Canada) we also claim Alexander Graham Bell as our own - he lived in Cape Breton for a LONG time and they have a museum dedicated to all his inventions in the town he lived. Sometimes I forget he was a Scot. :)

  2. Loving this celebration! Especially remembering the great achievements scots have made in science and technology :-)


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