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Friday 16 November 2012

For The Girl Who Loves Candles

Robot rotary candle, £7.50, Radiance Lighting
While it's lovely putting your tealights in little hand-woven jam jars, or putting giant pillar candles in storm glasses, there's something even better that you can do, and it comes with the sexy name of ROTARY CANDLE HOLDER! Ok, not that sexy. But they all make beautiful, inexpensive presents.

It has taken me years to find these beautiful spinning mobiles - I chanced upon them quite by accident yesterday while doing a search for 'silver Christmas' on the John Lewis site, and it was like my childhood Christmases came running up to me and licked my face. Or rather, A ROBOT licked my face! It's not just about classic angels any more!

Swinging robots!
Seeing their official name made me realise why it's taken me so long to find them. In my family, we always called them helicopters. Our family is mental. (See also, whizzers).

All you do is plonk a tealight in the base, and the heat from the candle causes the figures to spin round, some silently, some making a little tinkling sound. It's utterly charming.

Pluto rotary angel chimes, £8.95, John Lewis
These lovely angels ones from John Lewis set off my hunt (is there a Rotary Candle Holder Club? Like the Rotary Club? I'd join it. Ooh. I could invent it. I AM FOUNDER AND QUEEN.)
Moomin rotary candle holder, £9.00, Drift Living
What do you get for the Moomins fan who has everything? This, clearly. Utterly gorgeous again, just imagine sitting by it reading your Moomin compendium while wearing your Moomin pyjamas and petting your cat called Moomin.
Ice skates rotary candle, £5, Drift Living
These beautiful ice skates are so colourful! Usually most are just gold or silver, so I really, really love these. And it's down from £7.50 in Drift Living's sale. What's not to like?
Nativity rotary candle, £7.50, Radiance Lighting
As you may remember from my post about The Ginvent Calendar, we don't do heathen at Christmas (barely any television. Except The Queen's Speech and that's it.) So if you would like something truly enchanting, or have a tricky Christian to buy for, this is a win. Or if you want to chat up your vicar.

Radiance Lighting have a truly gorgeous collection of these - gingerbread men, carousels, stags, you name it. In fact, I'm narrowly avoiding spending the whole afternoon just looking at their website as they've got the most gorgeous things on there. Moving on, however!
Chick rotary candle holder, £8.95, I Like Chickens
Can we have a moment for there being a website called I Like Chickens? As well as catering for all your chickeny needs, they do beautiful homewares like this lovely fat cluck of little chicks.
Scandinavian rotary candle holder - angels, £7.95, So Raise Your Glasses
Another classic angels set, and another superb shop name. This is gold and silver - no mention of tinkling, but you could probably bash some nail polishes together to get a nice chiming effect.

Well, I hope that's enough to be getting on with - each story I've featured has got loads more designs so if you get sucked in, you can have a nice explore. Happy candling everyone!


  1. Hurrah! I have now sorted the Mother-in-law's Christmas present, thanks!

  2. I have officially just realised that it is Friday afternoon, I saw the ice skate one and thought they were cats... doh.

  3. Love the Moomins one! Have told husband I want it for Christmas. Preferably from the kittehs... Thank you!

  4. I want the moomin one:-) I have a moomin purse which I love. Apparently there's a Moomin land in Finland. It's on my bucket list lol!

  5. and a fox one

    1. The foxes are so cute! Adorable.

      @KelStar There WERE some cat ones on sale somewhere but have since been withdrawn. Sad face.

      @Caleigh HOORAH!

  6. Oh I love all of these & the fox ones too. Thanks for posting!

    Now, how to choose ...???

  7. Hahaha, I love the fox ones! But I just bought a snowflake one. The robots are awesome, and so glad you've told us about the I Love Chickens webstore.


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