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Friday 30 November 2012

Not for Kids: Landscape Dinner Tray

This landscape dinner tray is absolutely meant for children. I know that, don't ruin it for me. It's just another example of children having awesome stuff that should be for adults. I'm taking a stand this time. I want a cutlery set shaped like trees and I want to drink my Sunny D out of a sun shaped cup. You can't stop me. You can mock me (and you probably should, I'm thirty now), but you can't stop me. The V&A say that this is suitable for ages 1+ which means that I'm allowed to use it.

You can even put dipping sauce in the cloud! That's quite brilliant. Children don't know the importance of dipping sauces, they'd probably try and drink their soy and sesame concoctions. This piece of culinary brilliance is clearly wasted on them.

It's £30 and it'll sit on my lap while I watch reruns of The Good Life. No children allowed.

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