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Friday 16 November 2012

Bugs, beetles and Creepy Crawlies

In some sort of interior design take on Temple of Doom (the finest of all the Indiana Jones films, I think you'll agree), bugs and beetles are everywhere. To quote a popular television series about six infeasibly pretty people 'forget about the birds, but big red insects suggest fine dining'. And well, in some cases yes they do. (And you might like the gorgeous beetle necklace that Laura B found earlier.) No spiders. You all hate when I write about spiders with giving you a week's notice.

What better than Bugs with your coffee and cookies? (Rhamphorrina-splendens if you want to be specific about it.) Awesome. I wish there was more of Charlotte Wainwright's designs in her online shop, it's all very excellent. These bug mugs are £8 each and there are four brilliantly creepy designs to choose from.

Scarab beetles are so beautiful (no, really, I like their shiny shells and big buggy eyes, no you're weird) and I love this beetle tea towel. There are loads of buggy things over at our lovely sponsors Natural History, go fill your boots with lovely stuff to creep people out at Christmas time.

Lou Rota is undoubtedly Queen of Putting Bugs On Things And Make Them Awesome. I like this jewel beetle cake stand (and the sarcastic slant to her website copy). It's £88. I like it almost as much as...

... this bug milk jug. You can't see, because of the lovely (dead?) flowers, but there are bugs inside that jug. The ugly/pretty boxes both get a big tick.

Nothing says 'thank you for that amazing birthday present' quite like sending beetles in the post. FACT. You can pick up these bug notecards from Warbeck & Cox. I might use them as RSVPs for parties I don't want to go to*.

I've no idea why the H on this Rory Dobner alphabet tile needs bugs (what bugs begin with H?, help me please), but it's one of my favourite from his range. They're £37.50 from Roost Living

*This is quite an elaborate way to decline invites on Facebook.


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