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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Five Go Mad

The problem with featuring amazing shops in the run up to Christmas is that everyone I'm buying presents for will know where they're coming from. So my cunning plan this year is to buy everything that I write about, keep it for myself and get everyone else selection boxes from Poundland (good ones, Marvel Comic ones and a Super Mario one for Kat). Here's what I'm buying myself from Five Go Mad.

First up I'd like these bird beakers from Fliff Carr. They're £20 and I can choose what colour glaze they have on the inside.

More mugs for me! I'd like this woollen spool mug from Ella Doran. It's only 36.

Actually, I wouldn't buy this seagulls sign for me. This is the perfect gift for Frances. It'll remind her of her hometown. It's £60. Damn, this wasn't part of the plan.

Obviously I need a gift tag stamp so you all know who got you that ace selection box. It'll probably have  the Curly Wurly missing and I'm going to blame that on the cat. It's £15.

These liquorice allsort sweets aren't real, so you probably don't want this. I'll think I'll selflessly keep it for me.

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  1. Only just seen that sign. It's marvellous. Seagulls, fish & chips in my home town? Certainly. But sunshine? I wish.


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