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Thursday 15 November 2012

No Caffeine Doesn't Mean No Caf-fun

Goodbye to all that :(
Deep sigh. Recently I installed the beautiful coffee machine some friends had given me for my 30th birthday. And the next morning, my good lady doctor told me I can't drink stimulants anymore.


So I turned to our Facebook page and asked you, beloved Domestic Sluttery readers, for your words of wisdom and advice on what to drink when you can no longer indluge in coffee, or indeed tea, or Red Bull, or anything with caffeine at all. And you gave us SCORES of recommendations. Particular kudos to Caroline Foss who replied "Gin." Followed shortly by, "Oh, hot drinks. Hot gin."

I've left out any recommendations for decaff coffee, or most hot chocolate, simply because those always have a smidge of caffeine in (and wine! I've got loads of wine at home, but it's not going to help me at work.)

Here are some of your most fabulous recommendations (gin, mulled wine, vodka recommendations not shown:

Home-made treats

This is enough ginger, right?
Bernadine Biggs: "I make a drink with lemon juice, slice of ginger, mint leaves, sprinkle of cayenne and manuka honey in hot water in the morning. You can freeze the first four ingredients in cubes in advance and it's as quick as tea or instant coffee and give you a pretty good kick start. Not as good as coffee though."

Lesley Van Der Laar: I drink mint tea (just mint leaves and hot water), ginger tea (chopped up ginger and hot water), hot chocolate. There's loads of nice no-caffeine teas out there as well. And chicory coffee is caf free. 

Anita Quigley Atherton: "1 cup warm milk + 1 tsp turmeric + a spoonful of honey = sleeping like a baby + turmeric cleansing the liver. This is a drink before bed - I recommend only wine or water in the lead-up!"

Herbal highs

Suz McCarthy: "Most decaffeinated drinks still contain small amounts of caffeine, stupid, I know, my mam found this out when she had to stop with the caffeine, try Pukka teas, the three ginger with a spoonful of golden syrup or honey is yum, so is jasmine tea. Local Chinese supermarkets will have a massive variety."

Debbie Quinn: "It's a sad day, but there are lots of great decaff coffees out there (not that I drink them). Pukka's Cinnamon and Liquorice tea is very nice." 

Susan J Low: "Camomile, lavender & limeflower teabags from Waitrose. Delicious."

Shona Hancock: "Sweet Chai - by Higher Living (I buy it at Holland and Barrett) it's a herb infusion so caffeine free and due to the liquorice naturally sweet so no need to add sugar :-)"

Claire Brickell: Almond tea from High Tea of Highgate. It's amazing!

Yvonne Hadfield: Peppermint and nettle tea. Great at keeping bloating at bay :)

Sarah Connolly: "Just been introduced to Clipper Tea Apple & Ginger infusion - you do need to like ginger though." 

Geri Vale: "Hibiscus tea, hot blackcurrant, hot chocolate, rose & ginger tea, the list goes on and on!"

Chocolatey goodness

Lots of you pointed out that most milk and dark hot chocolate has caffeine in, but recommended Whittards and Options white hot chocolate as a scrummy caffeine-free option. Mmm, chocolate.

Tea and coffee alternatives 

Katrina Snorkmaiden: Whole Earth Wake Up - coffee alternative with guarana...add a bit of honey...bit weird the first time but you'll soon get addicted.

Can I drink flowers? Will they be delicious?
Ingrid Dienaar: Redbush/Rooibos tea is caffeine and tannin free. Have it with sugar and milk or black with a dash of honey. Or black with a bit of honey and lemon. Or buy the Chai Redbush - very spicy and warming for winter. In South Africa we even give redbush to babies who are allergic to cows milk.

Veronika Oliver: Redbush tea if she likes the taste of black tea as it is similar. For coffee alternative you can try Barley Cup or chicory based drinks.

Sophie Blau: "Chai lattes are really version from AMT but I'm sure she could make them easily herself!"

What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments. Mmm, caffeine-free.


  1. Yogi Teas are quite good, and their Pure tea in particular is DELICIOUS.

  2. I heated apple juice on the stove a couple of days ago. Then threw some brandy in it. That was pretty awesome.

    But you can't drink that at work without getting fired. I'm actually a total peppermint tea girl, I live on the stuff. It perks me up without making me totally wired - I'll opt for it if I'm on a deadline.

  3. NO CAFFEINE? OH DEAR.... You really need to get yourself onto the TEAPIGS website. it's wonderful. They have a caffeine-free section in their drop-down menu (shop tea)and is very helpful. Great prices and you get LOTS of wonderfully tasty tea in really pretty, silky teabags. My go-to tea heaven!! :)

  4. Oh Teapigs. Liquorice & Peppermint teabags. Also very delicious. And the bags are works of art too!


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