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Thursday 15 November 2012

Sluttishly Snug: Hot Chocolate

Our Foodie Chat, last night, was great fun. Twitter and Facebook were a flurry of activity and we learned rather a lot about you lot, from your favourite carbs to your proclivity to puffin eggs and chicken heart! Today, I can't see the end of my street for fog and I need to forgo my usual morning cuppa for something altogether more comforting, hot chocolate. We're rather fond of hot chocolate (hell, any chocolate!) here at Domestic Sluttery, we'll even pop a doughnut in ours and we're certainly not above a little booze in there either. Hotel Chocolat don't do dull, powdery hot chocolate, their Liquid Chocolat range give you flakes of chocolate to melt in hot milk for a seriously smooth drink. I'm partial to their gingerbread flavoured chocolate which is perfect for wintery days. It's pricy, £10 for a tin, but you can buy refill bags for £8.50.

Montezuma's Drinking Chocolate is so brilliantly chocolatey that you can eat it by the spoonful! Try not to eat it all though, this deserves to be added to hot milk! The rich hot chocolate is an absolute delight on a cold day and the Chilli Drinking Chocolate has a brilliantly spicy kick that's mellowed by the dark chocolate. At £6.29 a pouch, it's a bit more than your average supermarket drinking chocolate, but this is not your average drinking chocolate!

If you ever go to Carluccio's you have to try their Cioccolata Fiorentina. They give you three little jugs; one with cream, one with espresso, one with the thick, custardy Florentine hot chocolate and you mix them up in your cup however you like. I loved it so much that I bought some of the drinking chocolate powder to make more at home. Surprisingly, for a powdered chocolate, you'll get a really thick, delicious hot chocolate that's just as wonderful on its own as it is with coffee and cream. It's £5.25 from Carluciccio's deli shops or online.

What hot chocolate do you recommend? Are you a purist or would you prefer your drink spiked with orange, mint or whiskey?

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