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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Sluttery by Post: Luxe Box London

Most of our Sluttery by Post features offer one specific thing. Whether you want books in the post, or nicely wrapped knickers, even retro sweets, we've shown you the best place to get your goodies in the mail. But sometimes, I'm indecisive and I want loads of goodies at once. I don't want to have to choose just one thing (this is why I'll probably want to eat half of your starter, it's easier just to say yes).

That's where Luxe Box London comes in. It's a bit fancier than some of our other gift box discoveries, but look what you get!

Thornback & Peel stationery, Rococco truffles, a lovely cloth-bound book, candles. This is a really snazzy gift box. And it's wrapped up all prettily. It looks like there are new boxes on the way - a new baby box and wedding box.

There are three sizes - the large ones are £90, the mini boxes are £32. You'll get your box really quickly if you're in London, otherwise they'll be sent first class. This is the perfect gift for difficult to buy for ladies, but I think it offers something more special than that. The element of surprise is why I love these boxes so much. I'm really hoping that founder Lucy Heale expands the range, and considers offering a Luxe Box under £20. What a nice way to surprise someone you love and remind them how fabulous you think they are.


  1. Perfect Christmas gifts for the difficult to buy for! One under £20 would be fabulous though...

  2. Thanks Emma! I'm working on a lovely new £20 box right now. Check back on the website soon as it would be great to hear your thoughts.


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