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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Send a glove with love

Actually, this post should probably be called be smitten with a mitten. Because this cross stitch mitten card has stolen my heart. Made by those clever people at Present & Correct, you simply mark out the stitches on the front (I like to think of them as kisses) to spell the letter or pattern of your choosing. At only £3, it's a very reasonable way to warm the heart of your recipient.

But, you know what, I'd like warm hands too. Whether intended for myself or a nearest and dearest, warm woollen mittens have - along with whiskers on kittens - become my new favourite thing. Here's my handy guide.

Donna Wilson does excellent knitted things. These graph mittens are no exceptions. And they are currently reduced - bonus! You can get this pair from ASOS for £31.50.

More foxy foxes, this time for your paws. These adorable fox mittens are made by London-based Lilli Rose Wicks and cost just over £30 on Etsy.

The colours on these timeless touch mittens from Anthropologie are beautiful. I'd quite like to get these in my stocking, please. These are £28.

And the bargain of the bunch: these Red Herring grey Fairisle mittens are only £9.60, and have that clever 'we're fingerless gloves'/'no we're mittens' dual identity thing going on. Like all these mittens, they're perfect for keeping fingers toasty and hearts warm this winter.


  1. Some awesome mittens. I got some great ones with big pom poms on from asos last year (combining my love of mittens AND bobble hats)

    1. They sound great Helen. You could always accessorise any of the above pairs with Kat's handy diy pom pom guide:

  2. I bought these for a friend's birthday present at the weekend. I tried them on in the shop to test their snuggly levels, they're pretty damn snuggly:

  3. Yes, mittens and gloves could be one of the best gifts for anyone in winter. I like purple and green mittens with black and white strips.


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