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Monday 19 November 2012

Bags of Joy

I promise I try not to spend all of my money in Joy. I try really hard. I popped in on the weekend to pick up a birthday present, and before I knew it, I'd nearly come out laden with handbags like a very on-trend bag lady. Their new collection is full of colour pops and retro snaps and you need to know about them immediately.

This colour block clutch is my favourite. No question. If I'd had an extra tenner in my purse, it would have gone on this. It's £29 (which is, arguably, a tenner too pricey).

Navy and orange wins every single time. Especially in autumn when those burnt orange colours are everywhere.

I might like a clutch, but cross body bags are so practical for running and jumping and climbing trees*. This one is £32 and much roomier in real life.

I do love this box bag - the snakeskin detailing is very cool. But it comes in a very lovely navy and orange combo (see, orange and navy everywhere) and that one isn't online yet. Pop to the shops and snap it up, it's lovely.

Up until this weekend, most of my pennies went on Joy's dresses (this one, this one and ooooh this one will do nicely). Now they've got such gorgeous bags in stock, I'm worried for my savings account so you must go and buy everything before I do.

*Fiiiiine, tweeting and holding a cup of tea at the same time.


  1. I don't mean to be simple but - where is that bottom bag from? I can't see it on the website and there's no link to it here either. I love it! I must have it.

    1. It's from Joy as well - I just used the slanted photo rather than the one in the listings. The links there now, it's here:

      Actually one of the best value at £35.


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