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Wednesday 21 November 2012

It's Raining Cat And Dog Cushions

While I thought I had already sated my appetite for animal cushions, that was because I hadn't seen Areaware's animal cushions at Lazy Oaf. I refuse to believe there's anyone who could resist this little fella.
LOOK AT HIS FACE! It's so cute and plaintive and demands cuddles. Which is perfect as you won't get dog breath in your face or hair all over your nice jumper and you won't have to walk it (have you seen the weather today?!) and he's only £30. I know someone who paid £2000 for a dog recently.

Maybe you're bored of dachshunds and want a Boston Terrier instead. I don't blame you. Lookit.
SUCH SAD EYES. He's the one to cuddle when you're watching weepy films and need a weeping companion. He's £20.50.

Firmly a cat person? Persian Cat is not impressed with your home decor. She's here to make it better.
Her little scrunched up face is that kind of ugly cute that makes it impossible not to love. She's £30.

Want an out and out cute kitten? OH HAI HOOMIN!
Adorable. No furballs or claws digging in to you when you least expect it. £20.50 worth of cuteness is quite the bargain. I might have them all and be a crazy cat/dog lady.

I will leave you with this video of a dachshund puppy exploring the concept of mirrors.

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  1. One of my cats regularly has a good box with himself in the mirror. Never fails to make me giggle.


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