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Tuesday 27 November 2012

Top Ten Indian and Curry Recipes

When it gets cold, I start wanting really spicy food. Like I think the chilli and spices will magically make up for the fact that since I moved I still can't find my hot water bottle. If you've got one of those pointless colds - the ones we're you're not sick enough to go to bed, but not well enough to run about and do cartwheels - then a curry usually kicks your immune system into gear. Here are our top ten curry recipes.

Coconut and chickpea curry. One of our most popular. You've probably got everything in the cupboard already. Actually, chickpea curry is a bit of a favourite of ours.

Mini chicken tikka pasties. This is what you should do with your takeaway curry leftovers if you didn't already eat them for breakfast. Cold.

Simple white fish curry. This is one of those recipes that you can whip up the second you get in from work. Probably best served when it's pissing it down outside. We've got a north Indian fish curry as well - choose whichever means you don't need to go to the shops sounds most tempting.

Lamb saag hangover curry. Yep, we think you need curry to treat your hangover. And we've got a vegetarian hangover curry as well.

Mushroom saag. More spinach. This time with mushrooms. Make this as a side dish alongside a spicy lamb or beef curry. Speaking of beef curry...

Slow cooked beef curry. If you've got a slow cooker, make this immediately. If you haven't, consider getting one just to make it.

Rajma. This kidney bean curry isn't as well-known as some of the others but once you've made it once it'll be a favourite!

Keema. OK, not strictly curry, but you'll want some of this as a side dish. Biryani almost certainly doesn't count as curry either. Or onion bhajis. Or pakora. Don't care. I still want them. And I might make some of these spiced baby potatoes and aloo masala while I'm at it.

And you'll definitely need some pilau to go with all these dishes. I'm being ace at double-carbing with this list. Can I put my double-carbing skills on my CV?

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