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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Cool or Creepy? Crystal Head Vodka

It's a sad fact that novelty bottles and glassware are all... well they're all a bit crap. It's the sort of thing that you buy for someone at Christmas when you've only met them once and now they're going out with your best mate and oh shit they bought you something and you don't even know their last name. That's how Firebox sell these monstrosities, clearly.

Thing is, I quite like this Crystal Head Vodka bottle. (Note, I do not care for the novelty shot glass, that's rubbish.) And I like that it was created by erm... Dan Aykroyd.

Yes, this Dan Aykroyd:

From Ghostbusters to crystal vodka in skull bottles. Yes, I see how Aykroyd got there. (I don't.)

The vodka is 40% proof and 'quadruple distilled' (that's not bad for standard vodka, but pretty rubbish for anything pretending to be posh and fancy) but it was filtered through 500 million-year-old crystals and that sounds quite nifty. Apparently the vodka and the bottle are themed on the 13 crystal skulls from around the world, that baffle archaeologists all over, due to having no visible tool marks on them to explain how they may have been created.

I might like the design, but I'm not sure I fancy a lifesize skull in my kitchen, just lying about next to the Cointreau. I know, I'm all for skulls made out of chocolate and skulls decorating wallpaper, but I just don't think I fancy one in the kitchen. Not even if it's been created by a Ghostbuster. If you think it's cool, you can buy it from loads of places online, but The Fine Wine Shop seems to be cheapest - it's £93.69 for the lifesize skull - that's 175cl of Quite Weird Former Ghostbuster Merchandise.


  1. I really, really like the skull. But probably not that much more than I like my £3 Halloween skull jug from Wilkinson. I'm easily pleased.

  2. I have one of these sat in my kitchen - my husband got one for his birthday. Not opened it yet as have been drinking vodka which is packaged in a sports bottle (

  3. My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and it looks super cool!He even combined it with the Gaultier designed Diet coke bottles for a themed part of my pressie.


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