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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Etsy Pick: Samuel Lindup

Samuel Lindup's main attraction seems to be 'look at all of this ace stuff that would make your desk a much happier place'. That's a pretty big attraction, I'm a firm believer in having toys on my desk. I'd be very happy with a little family of puffins to play with.

Or how about some message monsters? Just leave them next to your Post-Its...

and then they can take care of your messages. Even the bad ones.

These are meant to be fruit bowls. Nope. Now they're handy holders for my desk stuff. Paperclips, business cards, stuff I have no idea where it came from but can't bring myself to throw away.

Samuel actually has loads of animal clocks, but the cat clock is my favourite. Because of the pointy ears. Prices start at £10 for the message monsters. The puffins and cat clocks are around £30 which is a small price to pay for instant desk happiness in January.

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