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Thursday 10 January 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Quill London

Nothing sends Team Sluttery into a quiver in quite the same way as stationery. Sara's already excited by her new notebooks, Laura is sending everyone gorgeous postcards about sniffing dogs bums and I'm falling head over heels in love with Quill London.

These Let's Go! Notecards are in the sale. They're all the way from Papersheep in Brooklyn and they're now £9.95. Please send me one when you wish to take me away on a road trip.

A little bit of Cristian Lacroix for £2.45? That will do nicely. All envelopes should look that sexy. I don't know how I feel about thinking an envelope looks sexy. I'm going to distract you with the last issue of Wrap Magazine, it's down to £6.50 in the sale. That's money well spent, believe me.

I'm very taken with Pawling Studio at the moment. This textile print wall calendar is as simple as it is striking. I can't promise I won't write over it in bright pink highlighter. It's £18.90.

More notebooks! I need all of the notebooks. For shopping lists, mainly. I love the mix of shiny gold and brown paper. This is £11.95 and has blank pages for doodling.

Annoyingly, most of the stuff I love at Quill is out of stock (namely this magnifying glass, this city calendar, these gorgeous collection of textile notebooks). I'm going to be watching them like a hawk for new stock. They're a brilliant source of US stationery.

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