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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Dream Dress: Fever London Sea Print

I originally showed this seaside print dress to Frances, because I thought she'd love the print. But now, I wish I hadn't because I really want it for myself. Which I think breaks all sorts of friendly girl dress etiquette.

I don't tend to go for strapless dresses. The typical straight across bust line doesn't suit me, but this one might just have enough shape for me to carry it off. I really like that the dress still looks casual - why does strapless also tend to mean ridiculously short? It comes in pink too:

The dress is £39 whichever colour you go for. Next time I'll keep the pretty dresses to myself before I've bought them.


  1. I do indeed adore that print. But I'm not sure about the dresses strapless nature either. I'll let you buy it and then probably copy you!

  2. ooh, it's the same print as the skirt of my 2-in-1 dress from last yr when they did the Ruby Belle / Evans collab!


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