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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Want a lot: Allotinabox

This has been my first year of attempting to grow my own veg. Finally getting my own patch of outdoor space, I've filled it with a somewhat random collection of plants and pots. My 'garden' is composed of cuttings from kind friends and things I've managed to buy at the garden centre before I've got too overwhelmed and intimidated by what to buy and how to plant it.

I wish someone had directed me to Allotinabox and pressed one of their grow your own boxes into my willing but befuddled hands. It's the perfect gift for someone attempting to grow their own for the first time - a beautifully packaged box containing a selection of seeds and lots of things to help you grow them, like twine, plant tags and even a handy seed wheel to tell you when to plant and harvest your seeds. The seeds in the box change with the seasons, so at the moment you get seeds for spring onions, chives, leeks, spinach and carrots.

The grow your own boxes cost £12.99 each or you could invest in a seasonal supply for £39.99. That's four boxes which are sent to you quarterly, each with a selection of five seed packets appropriate to the season.

The aesthetically interested garden can also invest in some of the stylish extras individually - I might invest in the grow wheel for £3.99 and save myself a few hours of internet research. Allotinabox are still getting set up but I look forward to referring to the seed help section on their website to help enlighten me on a few of the mysteries of the growing world. I like Allotinabox's attitude and I like their style. In terms of good things, I hope they reap what they sow.

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  1. This is such a fab idea. I am clueless when it comes to growing things so need all the help I can get!


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