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Wednesday 6 July 2011

I Scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream! And right now, I do. That's all I want to eat. I had chocolate in the house yesterday and still walked to the shop to buy ice cream instead. Because it's summer, and that's what we do. Usually, it's eaten out of my teacups (too small for a real cuppa, but perfect ice cream size - trust me). But I'm also taken with this very fancy set from Graham & Green.

The cone tubs and mini spades are silver-plated (if I'm going to spend £29 on a bowl to eat ice cream out of, it had better be). They remind me of proper ice creams that I sometimes had as a kid. No kid likes proper ice cream, it's all Mr. Whippy and 99s that these days cost £99. But now, I love old-fashioned ice cream.

How cute are these tiny spoons? They're like the ones that you get in theatre intervals, but they look like they actually might work, instead of you accidentally flinging your Haagen Dazs at the upper circle.

It's not a cheap set by any means. In fact, £47 just for ice cream accessories is pretty ludicrous. But I'm going to be making real ice cream in my fancy ice cream maker tomorrow, so suddenly it's all very tempting.

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