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Friday 1 July 2011


I'm what you would call accident prone. Currently, I'm sporting not less than five bruises (the one on my elbow was a seesaw injury). I've got a blister on my heel, and a tiny cut on my finger and have no idea how it got there. I get through plasters a lot.

And plasters are ugly. And boring. And get a horrible line of London grubbiness around them if you go anywhere near the underground. You can't rock a sexy look with a plaster. But these novelty ones might distract from the fact I fell over while I was drunk.

These comic strip plasters have a little bit of a Batman feel to them, don't they? POW! WHAM! AAAARGH! They'll make falling over loads more fun. They're £4.49.

What about bacon plasters? Circusboy actually told me about these and they're brilliant. They're £3.99.

These crime scene plasters are perfect for those unexplained injuries that need a little more investigation. These are £3.95 for 25 from The Daft Gift Shop.

And if they don't work? What about a chocolate first aid tin? This is £20 from Dr. Indulgence at Chocsonchoc and it's full of chocolate pills and plasters.


  1. Love the comic strip plasters but not too sure about the bacon strip ones - won't they just tempt dogs to lick at your poor injured body parts...?

  2. There used to be evil duck ones as well and it came with a tiny little devil duck in the tin, EPIC

  3. I've got unicorn plasters that came with a tiny unicorn in the tin! I can't WAIT for my next minor injury.

  4. I have some cupcake & heart print ones in my shop!

    fun plasters are ace!

  5. My little boy now waits poised when any one of us hurts ourselves in case we are bleeding so that he can offer us an "aargh" or "Ouch" plaster from his set of comic strip plasters!


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