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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cocktail Hour: The Bitter Truth Travel Kit

Bitters are a tricky thing for the casual cocktail drinker. Cocktail menus don't help much either. Instead of being told about the many varieties, you'll just read 'bitters' in the ingredients and be none the wiser. You might try Angostura (there always seems to be a bottle in a pub, no matter where you are), but the more unusual flavours are ignored.

They do take a while to get your head around. It probably wasn't until I went to the Zetter Townhouse that I realised just how unique they could be. Their personal range is really interesting. You won't use them often, you might just pep up a vodka and orange or try a new cocktail. You don't need a massive bottle which is why I'm a fan of this little travel kit from The Bitter Truth. You get five 20cl bottles, with orange, celery, Xocolatl Mole, aromatic and Creole bitters and you can experiment and use whichever you fancy. Of course, some you'll like more than others, but you've got plenty to play with.

They're £19.50 from Harvey Nichols who say they're exclusive to them. But I've also found them in Gerry's for £18.95.


  1. I adore this little set, got it just before Christmas and it's been used lots - love it. They also make an excellent range of drinks - the Creme De Violette is amazing.

  2. Naughty Harvy Nicks - I also saw these in a Whisky shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

  3. I assume they mean an online exclusive, but still...

  4. I don't have this set, but I used to work with the brand, and their bitters are amazing. In general, I also love rhubarb bitters, burdock & dandelion bitters, grapefruit bitter, and you really can't go past chocolate bitters.

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