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Tuesday 2 August 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Fox & Rose

Lingerie a powerful thing. Wear fabulous pants under even a simple dress and they can make you feel brilliant all day. You're different when you're in good undies. Not necessarily sexier, but more confident. The kind of kick-ass that no one would dare argue with. Fox & Rose is an online lingerie shop entirely dedicated to your kick-assness.

I absolutely ADORE this grey silk robe. It's impractical and it's gorgeous. It's £98, though. I won't lie: some of Fox & Rose is pricey. But, they've also got some brilliant sale bargains. Let's look at some of them.

This lace and silk bra (in the sexiest colour ever) is down from £89 to just £32. Wowsers. When we featured Ayton Gasson, you guys wanted some lingerie that comes in larger sizes (so did I). This one goes up to an F cup, and there's a few more in larger sizes too.

These coral pants are a really pretty shape and they're £18 down from £44. Still pricey, but still very pretty.

Fox & Rose is a brilliant shop for sexy treats. Even if I can only afford the sale items, I'm a fan.

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