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Thursday 15 September 2011

Bag Lust: Heidi Mottram

I'm a sucker for a brightly coloured bag. Perhaps because I a) like all of my colours to clash and b) live in black tights come the colder months (I'm trying to branch out this year, I've bought some purple ones like the little rebel I am).

My latest bag find is Heidi Mottram. She uses eel skin for her bags so some of them are pricey ( that striped bag is £410 worth of sexiness), but they're gorgeous and if you're on a budget then you need to check out her purses and the excellent sale section.

This ruched strappy bag is £120 in the sale. Just LOOK at that purple.

This long red purse is just £90 and will hilariously hold 16 credit cards. SIXTEEN! The very tiny version is £26.

If you live in London and use an Oyster card, this might be the most stylish card holder out there. It's £23 and will last you for ages. Which is good, given that it feels like I spend years on the tube. I might as well have nice accessories while I'm down there.


  1. I now want a £420 bag. Lots. I bet it is strokable.

  2. I have one of Heidi's clutch bag in bright yellow. It is utterly gorgeous! It is very strokable, so smooth.

  3. Venka, please have it with you tomorrow so I can stroke it.

  4. I will take it with me! What time though?


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