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Thursday 8 September 2011

Saving for a cloudy day

I've been having one of those days/weeks where, like an old-fashioned cartoon character, I've been walking around with a cloud over my head. Got too much to do (grumble grumble), all my money is going on moving house (boo hoo), and worst of all - that great British moan - the weather has been just pants (huge sigh). I'm self-medicating and have decided that one of these money boxes will chase the clouds away.

If I store up my pennies when the gods of financial sunshine are smiling on me, then come that rainy day - or at least a day when it'll take more than a bar of dairy milk to lift me out of my fug - I should have enough to treat myself to a little something special. 

The money box costs £30 from Yoyo ceramics. I'm hoping that this cloud definitely will have a silver lining.

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