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Wednesday 21 September 2011

A Sluttery Indoor Picnic

As Autumn, (ok Winter) approaches I find myself wishing for summer and all of those lovely, warm, outdoorsy evenings. After an ‘investment’ purchase earlier in the year of a must-have picnic hamper (50s style, red and white polka dot – gorgeous). I appear to have missed many (most) picnicking opportunities that summer threw at me. So how to make the most of my investment buy when lifestyle, weather and season conspire against you? Ladies, meet the Indoor Picnic.

The Indoor Picnic can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. If you have the time you can spend literally hours setting up the, erm, setting. If you’re going all out and either have a massive room with lots of floor space, or are prepared to shove a few pesky bits of furniture against the wall then get all of your cushions on the floor. Blankets too. Cuddly toys if you like. Remember, this is your picnic.

The picnic contents should be all your favourite foods, clearly (I want all of the meringues from Konditor & Cook). Preferably in miniature. Cut cherry tomatoes in half; place a piece of goats’ cheese and a dab of pesto on top. Super simple and delicious. If you’re feeling adventurous (and have a few days to make up oils and other items requiring to be left overnight) download the Saf recipe app. Eat an entire packet of smoked trout if you want (am I now revealing too much about myself...). Let’s face it though. No one is watching.  Oh, did you invite people? I hope they have bought treats as well.

So back to your picnic. Assuming you have found a plate, a glass and a fork you’re all set on the eating front. Chopsticks if you’re feeling fancy (I like these ones) or if you are basically having an Indoor Picnic with your takeaway from Itsu (Note: this is totally acceptable).

Anyway, once you have your cushions and floor, a picnic blanket remains the final ‘must have’. If you are lucky enough to have any kind of window/door/cat flap/other opening onto ‘outside space’ then two are probably required (one for your knees  - don’t want to catch a chill). Here are a few of my current favourites.

For a snuggly blanket moment it has to be cashmere. This little slip of a thing from The White Company screams luxury.

If you want to make it more of an indoor camping feel this ingenious House Blanket by Donna Wilson is just the thing! Drape over a couple of chairs and create your own picnic den.

I would particularly like a Moroccan wedding Blanket. I think picnicking on sequins sounds just ideal. No point simply looking at it, make use of things! It's perfect for picnics where you intend to feed yourself peeled grapes / French fancies / sweet treat of choice. Personally I don’t like to be without Charbonel et Walker pink champagne truffles.

With all of this excitement, I'm starting to think that indoor picnics might be even better than outdoor ones.

This was a guest post by Isabella from Books and Ribbons. Siany isn't quite ready for indoor picnics, she's run off on holiday and will be back next week.


  1. Ooh this is a LOVELY idea! As you say.. even better than an outside picnic. No wasps/mosquitoes/sun in your eyes/wind - just gorgeous food and relaxation! I'd have to add some chocolates - maybe some Belgian Godiva chocs....

  2. As our lovely new house is fairly bereft of furniture, indoor picnics have become something of a staple of the last couple of months. Doing it on sequins would make everything extra lovely, though.

    Also - smoked trout. Amazing. No shame in eating ALL of it.

  3. This is such a witty, clever post-- great work. Why are finger foods only allowed outside? The blanket and truffles are surely dream picnic material.

  4. This is a very good idea! I didn't get to have an out door picnic this year so this seems the way forward and it would be warm. Would just have to ensure the cats didn't try to join in...

  5. Hello, just read your comments. Thanks so much they made my morning! My first ever post on a blog that is not my own so VERY excited! Keep picnicking!! Isabella

  6. Thanks for joining us, Isabella. Please come for an indoor picnic soon! Bringing that pretty sequin blanket with you.

  7. So nice to see my photo here of my sequined wedding blanket. Would you mind pls giving me a written credit? Thanks.


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