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Friday 16 September 2011

Paper & Penmanship Q&A with Claire at Letter Lounge

The Letter Lounge has itself a rather large following now. Setting aside a time to write letters to people you love sounds simple, but I've had 'write to Sam' (my best friend) on my to-do list for a week now. We get busy, email is easy, yaddayadayada. Shush now. Come to Paper & Penmanship and get writing! Here's a little more from Claire, and some more information about the events that we've got going on.

Tell us about Letter Lounge

Letter Lounge is a space where you can come along to write the letters you never have time for and enjoy a bit of a social. We always mean to write to people, we just never get around to it!

What do you love most about letter writing?

Getting a reply! It's so much nicer than receiving an email. I think that's what I think of while writing - how the person I'm writing to will feel when they get their letter.

Who would you most like to come to a Letter Lounge?

Oooh this is a tough question. Stephen Fry, Sue Perkins, George Orwell... all of them at once.

What was the last handwritten letter you received? Who was it from?

I got a Thank you letter from my nan yesterday actually. It is a lovely read.

Where are your favourite stationery shops?

Paperchase always have lovely things, but Paper Nation is my new favourite. There's actually going to be Paper Nation goodies for you to write on at the event.

Tell us about a brilliant secret Sluttery thing that we'll like.

I think you might like Letter Heady, it's a great selection of letterhead designs.

Claire's Letter Lounge is in the afternoon session (along with Tea & Crayons and Aimee from Postcarden). Want to know what else is on offer? The Domestic Sluttery girls are sharing their old letters in the morning (do bring your own to read out!) and our debate in the evening is on the topic of email and whether or not the love has gone from our correspondence (you've got an opportunity to win a gorgeous leather notebook from Natural History as well).

You'll get goodie bags no matter which session you attend, featuring stationery goodies from Nonesuchthings, lollipop, Bianca Hall, Hello Lucky and Present & Correct. So much stuff to keep you busy! We're handing out goodie bags at the start of the sessions so you can dive right in and start playing straight away (be honest, you'd have done it anyway). Each session is £15, and you'll get a discount if you decide to stay for more than one. Even more money off if you decide you want to stay all day - and we'd love to hang out with you!

Want more information? Book your tickets over at Homemade London before they all sell out! There's only a couple of days left!

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