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Monday 19 September 2011

Dream Dresses: Lovely Lace at ASOS

I'm actually meant to be looking for a dress to wear for a Domestic Sluttery wedding (not mine, obviously). And all I've found are white lace numbers. I don't know about your friends, but as wedding editor for The Times, I do know that it's against the rules to rock up to your friend's wedding wearing white. And lace. And white lace. No thank you card for me!

But I do love all of the little lace dresses I've found at ASOS, so here they all are in a blog post instead of in my shopping basket.

I didn't know that snakeskin could look so pretty and feminine. Actually, I've never seen it looking so classy. Surprisingly this lace dress is by River Island and it's just £31. I might not be able to wear it to a wedding, but I might buy it anyway.

This ASOS Salon dress isn't cheap at £100, but I absolutely love the fabric. And anything scalloped is a winner in my book.

Oh, Whistles. Can't you do pretty lace things that I can afford?

This Darling dress is gorgeous. It's £75 so it's certainly not cheap. But I'm hoping that if I wear this I'll be able to get my hair like that when I put it in a ponytail.

I might not be able to wear these to a wedding, but they're all perfect for the last few days of summer.


  1. I think I might need the Darling dress in my life. Do I dare a pun? It is simply darling! (ok, you can send me to pun hell now)

  2. These are all beautiful - I'm not sure what occasion I'd wear them too though. Weddings a no-no as you say, and I'm far too clumsy in everyday life to risk a white dress!

    (You should certainly attempt to put your hair in a ponytail like that one - you'd rock it! )


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