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Thursday 8 September 2011

Book Geekery: Morph Bookmark

In an attempt to teach my child good library book etiquette, and discourage her from turning over page corners to mark her place, I was recently charged with the task of finding her new bookmark. I was rather unnecessarily excited to stumble across this wonderful Morph Bookmark by Mustard, £7 from Bouf, as I was a pretty hardcore fan of the wee fella as a child myself.

So much so that, to be perfectly honest, I suspect this is not the end of the bookmark quest. What's the betting he accidentally ends up peeking out of one of my book instead?


  1. That's just brilliant! How I'd love to have Morph with me on my daily commute.

  2. We've all been discussing how my niece currently sounds JUST LIKE Morph, therefore this is a must-buy.


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