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Friday 9 September 2011

Etsy Pick: HeatherJean

When my friend Tom told me his lovely girlfriend Heather was setting up her own business to recycle fabric, I was intrigued. I was imagining some kind of industrial recycling plant (my mind works in mysterious ways sometimes) but I was infinitely more pleased to find out he meant that she was making very useful bags out of vintage fabric. A much nicer way to recycle, no?

I'm particularly taken with this wash bag made from an old scarf. It's £16.

I also like this shopping bag. You can fit a lot of stuff in there time and time again which makes £15 a bit of a bargain.

Heather makes cushion covers too. These ones need to be on my sofa ready for winter period drama viewing. They come as a pair for £10. She can supply the actual cushion bit too if you ask nicely.

All the pieces are one offs as you'd expect from being made from vintage fabric but I'll be keeping my eye out for what she makes next!

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