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Wednesday 21 September 2011

DIY Sluttery: Dulux Mouse Painter

My house was refurbished recently and as at the time I couldn't make a decision about colour schemes, it was painted white. White is ok but a bit boring - indeed, when I was thinking of selling it, one prospective buyer commented he'd never seen so much white and seemed a bit scared. Well, the time has come for me to do some painting but that niggling concern about Choosing The Right Colours rears its ugly head.

Someone at Dulux obviously had the same problem and so they've developed Mouse Painter. It allows you to upload photos of your rooms and then 'paint' them again and again to your heart's content until you hit upon the magic colour scheme. Can't be bothered to upload your own photos? They have a load of stock photos you can use instead and you can order tester pots so you definitely make sure you've got it right. It seems such a simple concept, I'm surprised it's not been done before. Of course, now the problem is finding time to do all the actual painting...


  1. This is brilliantly simple. Definitely giving it a go with my new place before I ruin it by painting it in the brightest, shiniest colours I can find.


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