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Friday 30 September 2011

Girl Meets Dress Monthly Membership

I can only dream of swishing about in designer gowns. As much as I love nosing about Net-a-Porter gawping at Erdem, it's not going to happen any time soon. I'm more than happy with Miss Selfridge and Oasis. Especially given my self-imposed 'don't spend more than your monthly rent on anything you can wear' rule.

But Girl Meets Dress has always intrigued me. You hire a designer dress, wear it somewhere fabulous and then pop it back in the post. Grand idea!

The main problem is that hire can sometimes cost hundreds - understandable since the frocks are beautiful but the cost of hiring a dress would buy quite a snazzy one elsewhere. So I've always been torn and no designer dresses landed on my doorstep. Now my wardrobe is full of pretty things and there's no room for more dresses.

Enter the Girl Meets Dress monthly membership. You pay £39 a month by Direct Debit and then every month you can choose a new dress to wear. Don't want one this month? Pick two the next month. I like this idea very much.

Of course there's a little small print hidden away. You do still have to pay £9.95 for delivery (though you can ask for more than one dress to try on), and I don't think I would dare rent a dress without the £7 insurance that goes with it - I spill. Still, if you want a little designer fashion in your life, even if just for the weekend, the Girl Meets Dress monthly membership is a pretty good deal.

Thanks to @PoppyD of the glorious WIWT.COM for telling us about the scheme.


  1. Intriguing. I've had the same reservations about Girl Meets Dress but may consider them now. Not necessarily the same as using them but a step closer. Recently I decided to spend my £90 on a formal dress from Oasis rather then use this though so I am still not sure.

  2. It's made me more likely to consider it. Earlier this month I had a wedding to go to and literally couldn't find a thing to wear - this would have been a very good option!

    I guess it depends on how many events and functions you go to (and how many new dresses you buy). I wouldn't fancy wearing a snazzy designer dress down my local pub just for the sake of wearing one. But, I've always been tempted by GMD and this has made me so much more likely to use them.

  3. Sorry girls, just ranting :(
    Someone from Girl Meets Dress got back to me within hours when I cancelled my club membership.

    But when I inquired about 8 different dresses about which one is available, asking for a reply THREE TIMES, no reply whatsoever. Since the last inquiry, 6 days later without any reply, I decided to just use the website and hire 3 dresses, on the 8th days, someone confirmed to me that all dresses are hired out and asked whether i would like any other dresses.....

    This is the reply after I inquired 8 different dresses several times.....

    The service is still young....maybe they'll improve overtime :)


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