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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Dream Dress: Louche Tweed Dress at Kiki's Boutique

I've been a fan of the clothing brand Louche for years now. Everything they do is so easy to wear. It's all sexy and vintage-y, without the sizing worries. When I wrote about Kiki's Boutique a couple of weeks ago, they got in touch to tell me they were soon to start stocking Louche dresses, and I found myself gazing at this Rosalie tweed number.

Usually the brand is a no-brainer. But this dress (sexy as it is) looked harder to wear than the others lying on my bedroom floor hanging up in my wardrobe. It's tighter than their usual styles, it's shorter, the colour isn't one I'd usually go for. But the nice folk at Kiki's sent me one to see what I thought.

I really, really like it.

It is shorter than I expected. But this means that it looks just as good with flats as it does with high heels. The skirt isn't elasticated which means my usual 'might miss my train' stride turned into a 'definitely might miss my train' shuffle. Still, it makes my legs look fantastic and it's been out a couple of times since it arrived in lovely Kiki's Boutique packaging (to meetings and a wedding, it felt more suitable for the former). I wish that the skirt was lined as it's high-waisted so a bit itchy without a vest underneath. But this are just very niggly little things and the dress has collected me more compliments than any I've bought recently. It's just £50 it's a beautiful, unique dress and perfect for Autumn. I'm going to live in it.

Kiki's Boutique sent me this dress, I didn't pay for it. That was mega nice of them, but it hasn't changed my review at all. It has made me want to send them biscuits, though.

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  1. I love this dress! I actually saw it in Kikis the other day but they didn't have my size so I was thwarted! Still, it definitely is a perfect dress for Autumn! :-)


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