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Monday 19 September 2011

Wear That There: Personalised Jewellery

Got a favourite quote? Song lyric stuck in your head? Got a tune that reminds you of your best mate? Instead of taking the painful and terrifyingly permanent route of having it tattooed on you, why not ask Wear That There to turn it into a necklace for you?

Whether you want some Kate Bush, McAlmont and Butler (tuuuuune!), A-ha or something else round your neck, Wear That There can make it happen. It's such a simple idea, so beautifully executed. The butch, boyish stylings of dog tags and bold fonts are magically made elegant and stylish. They're priced at £68 for a single dog tag, £98 for a double.

So, go on - what would you get made?


  1. Totally need to listen to that song now *memories of MTV2 constantly playing it my youth flood back*

  2. Beautiful, aren't they? And I usually hate dog-tags. These are pretty.


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