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Thursday 8 September 2011

Cocktail Hour: DIY Bellinis

Last night Sian, Carrie, Sara, Laura, Frances and I went to the delectable Zenna in Soho for some cocktails and an immense amount of gossip.

Zenna specialises in cocktails with an Indian twist, whether with spices, delicate herbs or just plain fabulous reinventions of modern classics, so enormous fail that we decided to kick off the evening with something that involved absolutely no effort whatsoever.

I will clearly be serving this at every party I throw from hereon out.

DIY bellinis - serves 5 people two bellinis each
  • One bottle Prosecco
  • Different kinds of purée
That is literally it. This is a brilliant excuse for bringing out any new little jugs or glassware you bought in a charity shop in Petersfield on a whim and have never had the chance to use.

We had strawberry, apricot, passion fruit and raspberry purees (the latter kept well away from Sian, who's allergic) and had tremendous fun essentially making fizzy Calippos.

It's a lovely sociable way to kick off a drinks party and you can basically use anything you've got to hand. So much more fun than having one variety.

Thanks loads to Zenna for having us. You can find them on Dean Street in London's fabulous Soho. Do say hello to Dan when you pop in.


  1. This is probably one of the best yet simplest ideas in the world. Ever.

  2. It's brilliant. So much more fun than just having bellinis.

  3. Now would this work at an informal, fun wedding reception?

  4. Oh it would be so much fun to put these on the table instead of white wine!

  5. Say hello to *HANDSOME* Dan when you pop in ...


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