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Wednesday 7 September 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Utility

Last week, I took a little jaunt to Brighton to play with the penny falls (I won a lollipop and a rubbish keyring, I'm quids in). Brighton is the most fabulous place, as local Domestic Slut Carrie will tell you. Quirky little shops, unique cafes and a beach a few minutes walk away make it the perfect place for lazy ambling.

One of the shops we ambled into was Utility. I almost came out with everything. Had I not been carrying too much stuff already, I'd have snapped up some of their gorgeous homewares. It's hard not to compare their prices to London shops, and I'm certain they'd be three times the price in the capital.

Enamelware for £2 a piece and gorgeous glass water bottles for £3.50 caught my eye. And the whole shop has charming little messages around it. The owner is friendly and despite the whole vintage thing being everywhere at the moment, this place feels real. That's rare these days.

Utility are opening an online shop soon, but those of you visiting Brighton can find them at 2a North Road. Do pop in and say hello, it's a really special shop.


  1. I just went there for the first time last week as well! Cheap as chips and twice as nice.

  2. I'm thinking a trip down to Brighton is required. It looks fantastic.

  3. I popped in their recently and fell in love with everything. I'd deck my whole house out in it if him indoors would allow :(


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