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Friday 23 September 2011

Cocktail Hour: Graphic, London

Gin cocktails are a little bit of a ritual around these parts. Graphic is the only bar in London dedicated to gin and gin cocktails. They've got over 100 different varieties and it was about time a bunch of tipsy Domestic Sluts went to taste them.

Graphic is on the rather swish Golden Square, tucked away behind the Soho sex shops lining Brewer Street. It took a while to find (Google maps is wrong) but we were very pleased that we did.

We were looked after by Adam, on of the most fun and charming barmen in London. He knows his way around a gin bottle! Not just how to make a decent cocktail, but he can also tell you tales of drinks all the way back to the olden days.

First up, we had Graphic's famed paint pot cocktail. It tasted fabulous but I honestly can't remember what was in it aside from gin. Terrible reviewing on my part, I know. But in my defense, each little paint pot 'glass' holds a PINT. That's a hefty amount of cocktail for one person. I absolutely love the design of the drink, the palette is a cute touch and it means that none goes to waste once you've sloshed it everywhere because you're tipsy.

There wasn't a gin cocktail that we tried that we didn't like. Adam served up an aviation, which with cherry flavour was much tastier. It was sweet and delicate and very pretty indeed. Adam serves his French 75 in a high ball - apparently it was originally a long drink. But, I do like my champagne flute cocktails so I'll stick with the usual tipple on that score. Drinks were passed around the Domestic Sluts and were debated our favourites, actually sticking to the ones that Adam had suggested for each of us - he knows his stuff. Tell him what you like - sweet, sour, fruity - and you'll get something new and original to suit your taste.

With bar staff so friendly, and cocktails so tasty we didn't want to leave. But we were quite trollied indeed and one more cocktail would have had us passing out on the nightbus. That said, as much as I enjoyed myself, the atmosphere in the bar was a bit stale mid-week. It was quiet, but I'm not entirely convinced that I like the lighting and decor. It was a little garish for me. I like my bars a little darker and more intimate. But given that Soho bars are usually standing room only, Graphic is a great option if you like your cocktails and gin. They're just off the beaten track and this serves them well as they've got lots of space. Ask them to surprise you with something new and I'm sure they will. They're excellent at what they do.

Graphic Bar are in Golden Square in London. Many thanks to Adam for looking after us and being charming and silly, and not letting us pay for a single drink. We weren' so grateful for our gin hangovers the next day.

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