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Monday 26 September 2011

Etsy Pick: My Cat Is Cooler Than Your Cat

There's been a lot of cat chat at Sluttery HQ recently, as it seems we're all either looking after friend's kitties or generally lusting over cats. We'll all be crazy cat ladies one day (probably next Wednesday at this rate).

This Etsy print from LuciusArt sums up what we're all thinking: that our cat is best. Well, step aside ladies, because the competition is over: I can confirm that my foster cat wins Coolest Cat In The Universe.

You can buy the print for £11.94 from Etsy if you want, but you'll know in your heart that its message is a sham.


  1. Like it! And my cat definitely wins the title :)

  2. Love that print! I'd love to get that but we have two cats so one of them would be jealous... C.xx

  3. I've arrived home to discover that boy housemate loved us looking after kitties so much that he's going to get one of his own. I couldn't have planned it better.


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