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Friday 30 September 2011

Sites we love: Letterheady

Having bored everyone senseless with how I'm "totally getting back into letterwriting" I have, somewhat inevitably, been re-examining my stationery.

I found Letterheady through the Twitter feed of the utterly invaluable Letters of Note website, which collects famous letters and prints photostats and transcriptions of same*. Letterheady is a Tumblr devoted entirely to the personal stationery of the rich, famous, and enrichenerising. No, I don't think that enrichenerising is either a) a real word or b) going to take off.

Here are some of my favourites:

Ray Charles
Jackie CollinsCalvin and Hobbes illustrator Bill Watterson
Rita Hayworth
Timmy Mallett ( I would have *killed* for a letter from him c 1992)
Carter The Great
Muppets Fan Club

It's an absolutely beautiful collection of stationery - you can quite easily waste ages scrolling down, and down, and further down while dreamily going "Ooh, I wonder if I know anyone who could draw me something for all the Important Letters I'm planning on writing at some point very soon in the future.

In the meantime of course, it's the backs of envelopes and A4 from the printer. Hey ho!

* NB - thanks to @Gary_Bainbridge for pointing out that Letters of Note and Letterheady are both run by Shaun Usher, henceforth known as the supreme king of letters on the internet


  1. Makes we want to get my own personal letterhead now! Suddenly it's become a real "neccessity". ;-)

  2. I had to boast a smidge and say that I have my own lettterhead! When I got married in June I asked my oldest friend (who is now a freelance journalist and illustrator) if she would design the border for the stationary. She did the most wonderful henna-inspired (with personal touchces) design and a central 'logo' for all the paperwork for our Indian-inspired wedding, and when I went to the printers I made sure to get lots of extra blank A5 notelets, and I also have the pdf, so all the correspondence from this house now comes on our personalised paper! It's a very wonderful luxury!


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