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Monday 12 September 2011

You look amazing

Now that Domestic Slutery's Gail has got herself married to a lovely gent, I'm feeling a little bit romantic. Love was very much in the air over the weekend (so was champagne, ouch my head still hurts). When Rockett St. George tweeted about these Karin Akesson pillow cases, I couldn't wait to write about them.

One of them simple says 'YOU look amazing', which would be a rather lovely thing to wake up to in the morning (if a tad untrue until I've had a cuppa). The other one with the tiny writing? That's my favourite. It says 'I miss, like, love, adore, admire, fancy YOU' and well, that's pretty lovely.

The pillow cases are £24.99, and they're the most gorgeous pillow cases that I've ever seen. Perfect for injecting a little bit of romance into your life.

Massive congratulations to the happy couple Mr & Mrs Doggett.

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