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Thursday 29 September 2011

The Hidden Animal Tea Party

Oooh, what's this hidden in my teacup? It's a little bear, obviously. What else would it be?

Well it could have been an owl.

Or maybe, it could have been a little sneaky fox.

This quirky new range is available at the V&A Shop and will make afternoon cuppas loads more fun. You can only buy them through the website, and they're £18. I think I want the fox one. I wonder what kind of tea foxes like?


  1. these are so cool!

  2. They don't have them on V&A site anymore and I want an owl in my teacup soooo bad. Has anybody found them anywhere else? I've googled my arse off but alas, no leads... :(

  3. Yes new online store Pompom & Twiddle sell the hidden animal cups -


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