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Thursday 8 September 2011

Etsy Pick: My Bearded Pigeon

As well as having one of the most intriguing Etsy usernames I've ever seen (I guess this bird couldn't find their Gillette), Aussies My Bearded Pigeon also make gorgeous soft furnishings that will cushion your skull and teach you about world geography. You've got to be lying the right way round though. This child doesn't have the right idea; getting their mind blown by something off camera rather than paying close attention to the Giant World Map pillow (£85).

This is much more like it. Just a cold white background and the State Map of Illinois (£36) to absorb.

BRB, just memorising the Australian coast (£36.)

Save yourself the endless Wikipedia trips and pop one of these on your sofa...


  1. Thanks for the feature. Just to clear up the My bearded Pigeon is very proudly Auatralian - not New Zealand.

  2. I can't believe I spelt Australian wrong!

  3. I think pigeons in NZ are usually clean-shaven ;-)

  4. Whoops, sorry, MBP - I'll alter it :)


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