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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Sites we love: Nerdy Day Trips

If you're a regular reader of the Sluttery Travels series, you'll have realised by now that I like mixing super pretty things with a little bit of geekery on my holiday. Whether that comes in the form of trains or exciting towers, history does it for me just as much as Farrow & Ball paint (both together get me all in a tizz).

Nerdy Day Trips was always going to appeal to me. The user-generated website plots funky little trips on a map for all to see. All over the world! So you finally have somewhere you can share that tiny museum with, there's a new community who would love to know about the telescope in Ireland that was once the world's largest. How about the third largest whirlpool? That's in Scotland.

The website is easy to use, and you can comment on each trip that you've been to and add nerdy things yourself - very handy if you thought the Nautical Museum on the Isle of Man was a bit rubbish. The people behind the site are hoping that it'll become a resource that people use when they're on road trips, just to veer off course a little bit to discover something exciting.

I can't think of anything more fun right now. I'm off to plan me a road trip.


  1. Brilliant idea! Taking a road trip on Thursday and was looking for something new to see/do!

  2. What a fun idea for a site - off to see if the National Pencil Museum is listed...

  3. The National Pencil Museum sounds brilliant. Let us know what fun things you find, ladies!


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