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Wednesday 7 September 2011

Sluttery Scents: Lily Flame Candles

I need to give you advance warning: some of Lily Flame's candles are immensely twee. It's hard not to laugh when you spot a candle called Fairy Dust. I cringed when I saw some of the descriptions (it's all a little bit magic and My Little Ponies and twinkletoes). But then in a little shop in Brighton I had a sniff.

And they smell really really good.

The Daisy Dips candle does smell exactly like daisies. I adore daisies. My bedroom actually does smell a bit like a faraway field this morning. The Cut Grass candle smells exactly like cut grass, the Rose Petal scent like crushed roses (sounds obvious, but how often have you bought a candle that smells nothing like you wanted it to?) The sweet candles are too powerful for me, but they do smell of exactly what they say on the tin so if that's your thing then you'll love them. And I know I mocked it, but the Fairy Dust candle smells a little like pink powder and rain. It's rather lovely indeed.

The candles have a burn time of around 35 hours and you can buy them in John Lewis for £8.50. They packaging isn't quite as swish as The White Company or Diptyque, but they're great value and smell fantastic.


  1. I'm obsessed with these candles. The only one I've ever been vaguely disappointed in was the 'Romance' scented one, which I got as a present - honestly, what is romance supposed to smell like?

    All of the others are so evocatively and perfectly scented I just want to eat them.

    I haven't yet.

  2. I sniffed that one and asked my friend the very same thing!

    Don't eat them, Rachel. Don't do that.


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