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Thursday 29 September 2011

Sluttery Reads: Oh Comely

I don't remember reading a magazine more wonderful than Oh Comely. It's just simply gorgeous. I'm now kicking myself for waiting until issue seven before picking up a copy.

Oh Comely is a sort of creative mish-mash. It's all about quirks and creativity and looking at the world in a different way. This issue is all about things that you weren't allowed to do as a child and it makes you want to rush out and climb trees and build cushion forts. I LOVE me a cushion fort. Every single page is beautiful, every inch of this magazine makes me happy. Some of the pages are even written by our very own Frances. It's bi-monthly and you'll wish it was monthly.

It's £4, it's available in WHSmith and it'll fill you with joy.


  1. I've looked in three different WHSmith's in Wales and none of them stock it. Sad times. I wanted this.

  2. Oh how sad, Tara. They will order you a copy if you ask them very nicely, and I think you can order directly from the Oh Comely website - maybe buy just the latest issue to see what you think?


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