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Tuesday 6 September 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday: Rockett St George Typewriter

Judging by the number of posts about typewriters, us Domestic Sluts were born in the wrong era. Bring back clatter-clatter-clatter-BING, Tippex and inky ribbons. You can't hack into a typewriter, it doesn't run out of batteries and it isn't hooked up to the internet. Imagine how much more productive we'd be without Twitter, pictures of cats and gifs to express any emotion? The day the typewriter became the Everything Machine, humanity was doomed.

Now you can muse on typing while doing the washing up. Why am I washing up when I should be writing my novel, anyway? You just can't get the staff these days. Poetic inspiration comes cheap from Rockett St George - this teatowel is £7.

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  1. Lovely tea towel - perfect for writers! Might have to invest in one. Thanks for sharing :)



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