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Thursday 22 September 2011

James Keiller & Sons Marmalade Jars

One of my Brighton finds was a vintage James Keiller marmalade jar. They're strange things. One minute you can't find any and then they're all over the place. But they're highly-sought after and no always cheap. I was very lucky that I picked mine up for a fiver (I intend to use it as a pen pot) but I can't find any the same size online.

But I have found this larger marmalade pot on Homes & Dreams which is very good value at £15. Whether you decide to put flowers in it, or kitchen utensils or little bits of nothing, it's up to you. The only thing you probably can't put in it for any length of time is marmalade. That's a shame, but it's pretty, isn't it?


  1. I Got a beaut complete with lid at a car boot sale - 20p! It's an ace wee vase.

  2. My brother found quite a few of those marmalade crocks when he was working to clean out an elderly hoarder-lady's home here in the Seattle area. Plus some really cool vintage/antique jars and all kinds of other funky crapola. I'm in love with the square Reliance coffee jars from the '30s ( There are also some larger square jars that have the most gorgeous bird and plant labels on them, but the labels are in such poor shape, I think we're better off scraping them off and maybe using some etching cream to make custom labels. I just love old kitchen stuff!


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